New Book Release!


Available now on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited! “Momma Sang: Finding my Mother in her own words” is a collection of my mother’s short stories and articles which she wrote in her late 20’s. My mother, Theresa Melody Carter, passed away in 1990 from complications of leukemia, the same disease that took her own mother’s life thirty years before. These stories were written for her college literary magazine and newspaper, and they open the door on the mysteries of a mother that I lost much too soon. I’ve written a brief introduction for each of the 11 stories, but the real lyrical beauty is in my mother’s own words. Her descriptions of life in rural Arizona in the 1960s are like a glimpse into a lost world, a world of rattlesnakes and wild horses, faithful hound dogs and devastating losses. It’s a world where Waylon Jennings was just an unknown disc jockey in a nowhere Arizona town, and a red-headed Okie gal chopped cotton, tended bar, and sang songs to her children. Interspersed between these tales are her humorous takes on life as a housewife and citizen in Arizona in the 1980s.

15% of the proceeds from this book will be donated to research to cure rare diseases.


Dragon Venom, now available on Kindle and all Kindle apps!


Available now exclusively on Amazon!

My first novel, Dragon Venom, is now available for purchase on Amazon! It’s available as a print book or on Kindle, and is also available through the Kindle Unlimited program. Pick up your copy today and dive deep into the world of warrior monks, rampaging dragons, and political intrigue.