Dragon Venom (Book 1: A Poison in the Blood)

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Dragon Venom

Here’s a sneak peek:

I bowed my head. “I am Raban, a brother here at the monastery on Galia.”

      “You’re avowed though, correct?’ He gazed at me with an odd intensity, looking at my robe-covered wrist.

     “On this past feast of the Eternal Dawn, milord.” I pulled the sleeve of my robe up, twisting the steel bracelet in a slow circle. The blacksmith at our abbey was very skilled, so I’d hardly gotten any burns when he’d forged the final link and sealed it on me. It still felt odd, banging into my wrist bones as I worked and getting caught in my shirtsleeves.

     Valerius grinned again, hoisting the wine bottle up off the sand. “Excellent. I’d have hated to have to kill you after this was all through. But you’re one of us now, so stop the ‘milords.’ It gives me a headache.” He drank deeply from the bottle and then sank back onto the pallet. Without another word, he closed his eyes and laid back, seemingly intent upon sleep.

     I rechecked the knots in my sandals and made my way back to Alarin’s side, kilting the skirts of my robe up into my belt in an attempt to keep them out of the tainted water. The elder Knight was elbow-deep in the dragon’s chest cavity, scooping the viscous blood into a glazed clay pot.


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